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Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween to all of you!

Here’s a quick photo of some of the pumpkins dressed up for the holiday. Picture of pumpkins with googly eyes by Lynn Kilmore These are all from the rogue pumpkin plants that grew in the back yard grass this year. We pasted googly eyes on them.

I have, unfortunately, been quite sick this year, but the garden has been a cheering influence.

Also, here’s a picture of our dog, KC. The vet technicians dressed up the bandaging on her right paw to look like a Jack ‘O Lantern so that she’s ready to greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween night.

Picture of smiling KC the dog with Jackolantern bandage by Lynn Kilmore

I wish you all a wonderful October.

Cheers, Lynn




A New Mexico Fall Harvest

Green chile plants picture by Lynn KilmoreFall is approaching here in New Mexico, and you can smell it in the air as the various grocery stores roast green chile for their customers.

I’ve actually got two green chile plants growing in the garden bed. I’m thinking I need to harvest the green chile pods this weekend and roast them on the BBQ grill for storage in the freezer for the winter.

Another sign of the approach of fall is that the State Fair has returned to town, and the night temperatures are getting down into the 50-60 F range. It still gets into the 80-95 F range during the day, which makes for some interesting effects on the exteriors of the houses and the outside equipment that go through a 40 degree temperature change in 24 hours.

Lynn Kilmore picture of a rogue pumpkinWe had a rogue pumpkin plant take over part of the grass in the back yard, and to my bemusement I was able to harvest a fine looking small pumpkin that we’ll be able to use for Halloween this year.


We’ve also got a few more sunflowers coming into bloom just now, which brings its own sort of bittersweet joy, because I know this will be the last round of blossoms for the year in the garden. Winter is coming and the nights are getting Picture of sunflower by Lynn Kilmorecold. But the sunflowers blooming are a gorgeous burgundy color. Here’s a picture of one of them.

I hope you all have a pleasant September.

Cheers, Lynn

The Joy of Unexpected Seeds

Bean Seedlings in a garden bedOnce I started my second year of gardening, I discovered the mystery of seeds.

Or rather, the fun of having vegetables randomly pop up in the garden beds without me actually planting them.

This comes about because I’ve been planting vegetables and sunflowers that produce viable seeds, and also because at the end of the harvest each year I turn the soil over. The leftover seed pods and bodies of the plants get buried in the soil for the winter, and to my joy many of them return in the spring to grow alongside the seeds that are planted.

It’s sort of like having the child of a long-gone friend show up unexpectedly on your doorstep to visit.

In past years I’ve had corn pop up where there shouldn’t be any, as well as sunflowers and beans.

This year I took it a step further, and buried entire dried-out sunflower heads, bean pods, and chopped-up pumpkins in the gardens. Now there’s seedlings of all three plants showing up. I’ve posted a picture of two of the bean seedlings.

From one plant–if it is healthy and the seeds are viable–can come the seedlings to fill a garden bed. From one healthy pumpkin I can get enough seeds to plant a pumpkin patch, if the soil is good and the weather is good and the squash bugs are gone.

Nature can be cruel … but also generous.

See you next week, Lynn