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First Roses in Bloom Last Week

Picture of roses taken by Lynn KilmoreThe roses began to bloom last week, so I took some pictures at the same time that I took pictures of the green beans sprouting in the garden.

The roses are hardier in the desert here than the lilac blossoms. While the rose petals dry out, the bushes keep blooming all summer long if I make sure to to trim the bushes monthly.

When the summer breezes are coming from the right direction, the rich scent of roses in bloom reaches the back porch. Their scent and beauty makes even the dustiest hottest summer day a moment of joy when I gaze at them.

I hope you all find a moment of beauty this week.

Until then, Lynn

The Joy of Unexpected Seeds

Bean Seedlings in a garden bedOnce I started my second year of gardening, I discovered the mystery of seeds.

Or rather, the fun of having vegetables randomly pop up in the garden beds without me actually planting them.

This comes about because I’ve been planting vegetables and sunflowers that produce viable seeds, and also because at the end of the harvest each year I turn the soil over. The leftover seed pods and bodies of the plants get buried in the soil for the winter, and to my joy many of them return in the spring to grow alongside the seeds that are planted.

It’s sort of like having the child of a long-gone friend show up unexpectedly on your doorstep to visit.

In past years I’ve had corn pop up where there shouldn’t be any, as well as sunflowers and beans.

This year I took it a step further, and buried entire dried-out sunflower heads, bean pods, and chopped-up pumpkins in the gardens. Now there’s seedlings of all three plants showing up. I’ve posted a picture of two of the bean seedlings.

From one plant–if it is healthy and the seeds are viable–can come the seedlings to fill a garden bed. From one healthy pumpkin I can get enough seeds to plant a pumpkin patch, if the soil is good and the weather is good and the squash bugs are gone.

Nature can be cruel … but also generous.

See you next week, Lynn

Lilac Blossoms in the City

Picture of lilac blossoms in bloomOriginally I was going to post a picture of KC the dog for this week’s post,  but nature intervened with lilac bushes in bloom all throughout the city.

They fade quickly due to the desert sun, so I took a picture before it’s too late. A week from now the petals will be withered and blowing away in the wind.

This particular lilac bush has blossoms that remind people of Easter eggs that are colored a pastel purple.

You can smell the blossoms from many yards away. A rich aromatic scent that tickles the nose. A scent that makes me think of when I lived in Virginia (a place I now find surreal in its greenness whenever I travel back there–the sight of tall leafy trees and thick green grass growing without the need for irrigation is an amazing thing to me after so many years of living in the Southwest). Outside this city I live in is mostly hardy desert survivors like junipers and chamisa and tumbleweeds and cacti (such as the prickly pear cactus).

So I had to do lilacs this week. But I’ll post a picture of KC next week.

Enjoy Spring (or Fall, if you’re below the equator), Lynn

The Joy of Cherry Blossoms

Picture of cherry blossomsThe cherry blossoms are in bloom here in New Mexico and other parts of the Southwestern United States.  Here’s a picture of blossoms outside my home office.

Rajah, our cat, is all excited about the cherry trees blooming, because it means the robins are back for 2014. He loves to stare out the office windows to watch them hop around in the cherry trees. He gets great exercise from all the leaping up and down to the office windowsills each day.

Cherry trees are a definite bird magnet (for obvious reasons). The robins and wood doves make sure each year that we don’t have cherries that go rotten on the ground or in the trees. They strip the trees clean, but we are usually able to pick enough cherries for ourselves beforehand that we don’t mind that the birds are eating up the rest.

The blossoms have a sweet (but not overpowering) smell that is wonderful. Their petals are very soft and delicate, and soon will fall like confetti when the spring winds blow.

May you all find something wonderful in nature to look at this week.

Until next time, L