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A Mistake I Made on WordPress

I really like using WordPress for doing a website.  Great user interface and templates to use.  I like supporting them directly by being a customer of theirs.

Tonight I discovered I’ve been making the mistake of only looking at my website as a whole.  I check my blogroll links regularly, but I never had a need to click on my blog post links.  So imagine my dismay when I clicked on an individual blog post tonight, only to discover a bunch of Google ads at the bottom of the post’s page.   And then realized that every individual post page displays this sort of junk.

One ad was for a vanity press, which peeved me off to no end.

It was my fault this happened.  I ought to have clicked around my website more throughly.

Anyways, now that I know about the junk ads showing up at the bottom of individual posts, I’ve done the necessary work behind the scenes to get rid of the junk ads for good.

Changes on this Website

There will be various changes coming to this website in the next six months, the first of which (the design) just happened tonight.  Also, all comment sections have been turned off and will remain off in the foreseeable future–I’ve had too many problems with spam behind the scenes and I don’t have the extra time to mess with it.

The good news is that I’m too busy because my writing career is picking up speed.

Change in post schedule (Admin stuff)

Sorry I disappeared there for a bit.   I’m in the midst of rewriting a 137,000+ words first draft down to at least 100,000 words in the second draft.  The plot in the middle of the first draft is an utter mess, so I’m having to write new scenes, throw out others, and completely rewrite everything that stays.  But I’ll have a much tighter story when I’m done.

And I have to get this done–I’ve been offered the opportunity to completely skip the slush pile once this manuscript is cleaned up.

So I’m switching to a Monday/Thursday post schedule. Later tonight I’ll finish up the post on WHISPER OF THE HEART.

Goal for this blog – round 2

I’ve been blogging for over a month now, and have discovered what I want to do with this blog.


To bring attention to the best books, websites, software, and DVDs I can find on the profession of fiction writing.  Most posts will be on a MWF schedule.  Once a month on a Saturday I’ll post what I’m up to as a fiction writer.  However, the blogosphere is overflowing with blogs that cover the day-to-day life of a writer, so I’m sticking to writing reviews instead of blogging my personal life.

Also, there is such an overabundance of stuff out there for the budding fiction writer that my reviews will skew positive since I’ll be trying to draw attention to the gems.

That’s all.  I’ll have a new review posted later tonight.

Goals for this blog

The main goal of this blog is to explore the profession of fiction writing with a post every Thursday. As I grow as a writer, on a different day I might post what I’m up to. But I’d rather talk about the craft of writing.

This blog won’t go live until next week, so that I have time to test run it. So you get to see weird stuff in this post like me making a comment to myself.

The spam filters are on, so comments that trigger them will have to first be moderated before being posted. So if you comment doesn’t immediately show up, that’s why.

Well, let’s get this posted.

Next Thursday I’ll post about submissions block and ways (including 2 books that were helpful) to counteract it.