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Working on a Problem Changes Everything

I used to have what I nicknamed “submissions block.”   I wrote, but I had a near phobia about submitting my work to editors or letting readers see it.  To help deal with that problem I started this blog back in the fall of 2008.

And over time, this blog helped me deal with that borderline phobia and move past it.  I began to submit my work to editors, and let readers see it.   I’ve also been getting feedback behind the scenes these past few months from some of the best editors in my genre.  As a result of all this work, what I need from this blog is changing.

I’m getting very close to being published.

So the focus and format of this blog will change over the next six months.  I will continue to try to post on Sundays, but the topics will probably expand beyond writing subjects.   The appearance of the website will also change.

I’ve really appreciated the emails I’ve received offline from readers of this website this past year.

Tiny changes over time can change a life beyond recognition.  I am no longer the writer I was back in 2008–I’ve come a long way since then.  I still have a long way to go, but I’m unstuck and moving faster and faster each month.

Question: Why Do You Post So Infrequently?

Question:  Why do you post so infrequently?

Answer:  Limited writing time.   The current manuscript always comes first, and lately there’s been no leftover time for posting.  So I try to make sure to post stuff I think will be helpful to other writers over the next few years.

Question of the Week: Why comments off?

Q:  Why do you turn comments off on old posts so quickly?

A:  Spam (cue Monty Python singing “Spam Spam Spam…”).   By turning comments off on old posts, I keep my spam at manageable levels.   If anyone ever yearns for discussions about writing that go on for years, the forums at Absolute Water Cooler are a fantastic resource.

Dealing with Submissions Block

As I’ve talked about before in previous posts, I’ve had trouble with writer’s block and submissions block, which is why I like to post about them in the hopes of helping some other writer down the road.

The writer’s block problem I was able to successfully deal with a couple of years ago.

My final steps in dismantling submissions block only happened about a month ago.  Until then, I could count the number of submissions I’d done to fiction editors over my entire life on my fingers (no toes needed).   This blockage continued for years despite getting requests to see more of my work from former editors at Asimov’s and Tor.   Instead I ran away as fast I could.

The truth of the matter is that I had a phobia about showing my work to other human beings, and until it was dealt with, I wasn’t going to go anywhere.

In the end, it took what psychologists call “desensitization.”  Like someone afraid of spiders, I had to to develop a detailed campaign to slowly dismantle the submissions block.

And so I did.   I started this blog as a way to deal with the problem, and as the block fades away, I suspect this blog will change.   I fell silent here for almost two months as I dealt with the severe stress of getting queries out in an organized determined manner for the first time ever.

I find that rejection itself is okay, and I can deal with it fine.  The mundane reality of rejections is much less frightening than the bizarre phobic fears I once had.

Great website to check for forum spammers

Sorry for the delay in posts.  I’ve been on travel and finishing a major edit.  Also, I’ve been dealing with a sudden flood of forum spam.

If you do a blog, I highly recommend the Stop Forum Spam website.  Wonderful resource for doing a quick background check. I wish I’d found it sooner.

Anyways, new posts on the way over the next seven days since I have a backlog of stuff to say or point out.