Cubicles, Blood, and Magic

2015 New Mexico-Arizona Book Awards, Finalist in Science Fiction & FantasyPicture of Lynn Kilmore novel Cubicles, Blood, and Magic.

E-book: Available at Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Google Play, KoboiTunes and other e-bookstores.

Trade Paperback Edition: Available for $16.99 through your favorite bookstores. ISBN-13 is 978-0692356654.

Within her ordinary city lurks extraordinary magic.

Programmer Dorelai Trelton desperately wants to escape the relentless bad luck that hounds her. The software company she works for is on a death spiral to layoffs, her boyfriend stalks her, and now someone secretly dosed her with a magical poison called “nightmare dust.” Unfortunately, her poisoning makes it possible for her to see every hidden magical secret within her city. Secrets that others will hurt her for … even kill her for … if the nightmare dust fails to kill her first.

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Click here to read Chapter 1: Magical Poisonings
Chapter 2: Poisoned
Chapter 3: Magic and Medicine
Chapter 4: AOX Investigations
Chapter 5: Spying on Jake
Chapter 6: Zaliel’s Magi
Chapter 7: A Job Interview with Louie