About Lynn Kilmore

Lynn Kilmore photoLynn Kilmore made her debut in Albuquerque The Magazine in 2011 with her short story Parallels. She writes fantasy, suspense, and science fiction stories–though sometimes she’ll surprise herself and write something that is contemporary fiction.

Lynn earned degrees in geography and physics. After graduation, she worked as a software quality engineer in the software industry, before turning to writing full-time.

Until recently she lived with her family in New Mexico. She started writing many years ago as a way to escape severe stress, and got hooked on it. Now she uses the income from her writing to support her daily need for tea.

Lynn Kilmore was previously published under the pen name of L. M. May. Two novels (Cubicles, Blood, and Magic; Soul Cages), one collection (Tales from the Threshold), and eight short stories (Parallels; Writer’s Flight; Green Grow the Rushes; The Enchantment of Coyotes; Shade Town; Just One Date; King of All He Surveyed; and A Maze of Cubicles) were published under that name. Everything was either reissued under Lynn Kilmore or taken off sale.