July 2018 and the Curtain Rises

July 2018 and the Curtain Rises
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The dusty ragged velvet curtain rises to expose an empty stage. Cobwebs festoon the plywood scattered all over. The squeaking of rats can be heard.

A creak of a stage door being opened, followed by footsteps. Lynn Kilmore staggers into view on-stage carrying a giant cardboard box, then freezes in mid-step when she realizes there are a few people sitting in the audience.

LYNN KILMORE: Oh, hey, how are you all? I know it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten a web post from me.

Off-stage, more footsteps can be heard, then a LOUD CRASH of breaking glass, followed by curses.

LYNN KILMORE: Things are going to be messy here for a bit on the web. We’re getting ready to rebuild everything.

Her chin nods down at the box.

LYNN KILMORE: I’ve been doing a lot of research. Had many new experiences. That will become clear soon in my writing. There will be no hard feelings if you get up and leave (aka unsubscribe).

Harsh overhead lights come on, exposing the rotting wallpaper and cracked walls of the theater.

LYNN KILMORE: It’s going to be messy, but the rebuild has to happen.

The beeping sound of a bulldozer backing up can be heard in the distance as Lynn readjusts her grip on the cardboard box, then staggers off-stage.

This post was written by Lynn Kilmore exclusively for the lynnkilmore.com website.

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