Rajah Poses for the Camera

Rajah the cat with tea cupI’m hopelessly addicted to tea, so it seems fitting that I include a picture of Rajah hanging out near a tea cup.

You can’t see her, but often our dog KC is lurking in the background on the floor nearby, moaning about being ignored.

So next week I need to make sure to take a picture of her to post so that this stays even-handed in coverage between dogs and cats.

I love having both a cat and a dog around the house. They’re both so different in personality, and yet they will bicker and tease each other like siblings. Because of them I never get lonely working in the home office, though I also make sure to take trips to a local tea shop to keep from being alone too long.

Also, if you work from home, it’s good to a have a dog because the walks get one out of the house on a daily basis. Fresh air and exercise is critical to good health when you work at a desk at home. It’s too easy to sit at the desk all day without stretching.

Add in a cat, and it’s fun to start work in the morning once back from walking the dog, for there’s the joy of a mug of tea combined with the cat playing hide-and-seek with the laptop.

I was in poor health until very recently, and having the two of them around these past 12 months made sure that I got up enough from my desk to keep my circulation going, make sure I got daily walks, and make sure I laughed several times a day. Pets can be truly wonderful medicine that way.

Have a great week.

Cheers, Lynn


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