Next story post will be next Tuesday, April 23rd

Just a quick post that Chapter 3 of Cubicles will go up on Tuesday, April 23rd. Monday night I had a rash erupt from my right eyelid to my scalp, and I discovered today that it’s a shingles breakout triggered by stress, not the allergy rash I though it was. I’m having to use an ointment that blurs my vision in the right eye to help protect that eye from the risk of secondary infection–so I’m actually writing this up using just one eye, not two, and that gets tiring very quickly.

I’m very, very fortunate. A little bit lower, and the right eye socket and eye would have had lesions.

It’s all minor stuff compared to what happened Monday in Boston. One of the women killed was a student at the university I went to, Boston University. I keep hearing new stories about the awful injuries from the explosion. I know the American Red Cross is taking donations.

Take care of yourselves and each other, and I’ll see you next Tuesday.

Cheers, L. M. May


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