Monthly Archives: March 2013

Story Samples Start This Tuesday

I realized I ought to give notice one last time about the upcoming change tonight for this website of mine. It’s going to start posting story samples on Tuesdays–most of the time, the post will go up on Monday night.

The first story sample post will be sent out later tonight. It’s a short excerpt from the novelette “Green Grow the Rushes.”

As part of this change to the website, a new page has been created called “Free Story Samples,” and there will be links from there for various stories.

I don’t blog about writing anymore, except in the most general way, so if you’re a writer who subscribed to this blog only for writing advice, this is the final alert about what is changing here.

The various crises that happened in my life over the past 18 months have finally calmed down, and so a lot of stories that needed redrafting and editing by me will be be finished this year. Things are about to get busy. Very, very busy. It’s going to be a fun trip. I hope you’ll join me on the ride.

Upcoming Releases for 2013

I am happy to announce that my backlog of stories is finally starting to move again, and so there will be a variety of upcoming releases for 2013. I’ll post updates as things become more clear.  But for now, I can say the following two e-books are coming out this spring:

1) The Enchantment of Coyotes (Weird Wild West Short Story) — This is actually a novelette in length, but “novelette” is a publishing term most customers have no clue about, so “short story” will get used instead.

2) Tales from the Threshold – a collection of short stories and novelettes.  It will include “The Enchantment of Coyotes” and “Green Grow the Rushes,” as well as another weird wild west novelette never before published. I’m also adding in a Dorelai short story that became the inspiration for the sequel to Cubicles, Blood, and Magic. You can expect mostly fantasy stories in this collection, with a dash of science fiction and contemporary.

Further out, the sequel to Cubicles, Blood, and Magic will be published this year. The good news is that the manuscript was written; the bad news is that it came out to be over 180,000 words in length, instead of the expected 100,000 words. So we’re busy right now trying to get the manuscript down to a manageable size.

And there’s a lot of other exciting stuff in the pipeline, but I don’t want to mention any of it until the release dates are finalized.