Coming Changes over the next Six Months to this Website

I want to give a heads up now that there will be a shift in focus by my website over the next six months. I’m going to be broadening out from posting about writing issues to posting about anything life-wise that catches my interest (for example, my last post was about the struggles to manage time in an era of an endless supply of entertainment).

I won’t be posting more frequently. In fact, the post rate might go down slightly. I’m in the middle of writing a trilogy at the moment, and between that and editing a novel and dealing with short stories that are going out to various editors, at the end of the day I find the last thing I want to do is blog.

I’d rather not do a blog post if I feel I don’t have something worthwhile to say. So it’s possible I may post less often.

Also, another change that will be coming is that by winter there will be a monthly post for readers about upcoming fiction of mine. This website, more and more, will be here to serve readers as well as writers. I’ll still blog on occasion about writing, and the pages with links to posts on surviving as writers and dealing with writer’s block are going to stay up.

But as I grow as a writer this website needs to grow with me. I don’t want these upcoming changes to come as a surprise to anyone (hence this admin post about changes).

It’s going to be exciting.

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