Soul Cages is Getting a Much Better Cover

Okay, so I’m a bit excited. The new cover for Soul Cages is done, and is being uploaded. Some e-stores will take longer than others for the new cover to appear in (could take as long as a three weeks).

I didn’t think it was possible to make a cover that expressed the personality of the novel since it’s a strange cross-genre story, but the photo that was found nails the heart of the book so closely that I feel a bit stunned.

That’s one wonderful thing about the e-book era. It’s a lot more forgiving of a publishing startup’s learning curve in doing book covers. The cover for “Parallels” also got completely redone about two weeks ago to try and get closer to the feel of the story. Let’s just say that a magical realism story set at  Christmastime is darn difficult to convey in a cover and still have room for the author’s name and the title and some general info.

Now that this cover tinkering is over, more stories of mine will be rolling out in e-format this fall and winter. We’re hoping to be able to do print trade editions of novels and short story collections by fall of 2012–a rather steep learning curve awaits on that.

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