The novelette “Green Grow The Rushes” is now available

The novelette “Green Grow The Rushes (Weird Wild West Short Story)” has been published through Osuna Publishing. The subtitle in parentheses was added because there’s a recent novel out by a different author that has the exact same title as mine.

Short Description:
Lachlan is tempted to bargain with a lake demon for the gold he needs in  order to marry the woman of his dreams.  But a demon’s gold always comes at a terrible price.  A Weird Wild West short story set in late 1870s Colorado.

Available at:  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords (all electronic formats). It’ll be available at other e-bookstores such as the iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, and Diesel by early April.

I put up the JPEG for the e-cover under the “LATEST E-STORY” sidebar awhile back. In April, it’ll be moved under a new sidebar listing “E-STORIES FOR SALE.” I’ve got more stories coming out through Osuna this year, so things will be changing in the sidebars quite a bit in 2011.

No marketing (beyond posting on this website and Facebook) will be done this year.  Since e-books don’t churn on and off the shelves rapidly like print books in bookstores, a slow build over five years can be done.  The current goal is for me to get ten different e-stories published (short stories and novels),  give Osuna time to get through the steep learning curve of doing print editions of novels, and then a marketing push will be done since with ten stories (some of which will be novels in both electronic and print formats) the odds of readers finding at least one story they would want to buy will be significantly greater.

Since I intend to be a writer for the rest of my life, I like this plan.  Slow and steady growth appeals to me.

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