Helpful Links on Media Insurance

I’ve been having to do research on what media insurance is available for writers and small publishers, and realized I ought to share what links and resources I’ve found so far since other writers may want to know about them.  What follows is a long list of links.

The best discussion of the legal issues involved with online publishing (including insurance needs) is still the Citizen Media’s Law Project guide at Harvard University. This guide provides a terrific discussion on what to look for in a GOOD insurance policy for media & libel & etc.

I have discovered that NYC lawyer Mark Fowler has been blogging about writers and law for a few months.  He had a terrific thoughtful post on Libel Insurance.

The Author’s Guild offers a media liability policy to its members.

The Media Blogger’s Association also offers media liability policy to members.

The National Writer’s Union does not currently have a media insurance policy for members.  They do offer contracts and grievance assistance to members through their committees.  They recently helped a member who had to deal with a threatened libel suit in Pakistan. A writer does not have to be published to join the NWU, just has to provide evidence that he or she is actively pursuing a career as a writer.  Dues are on a sliding scale, depending on writing income, and start at $120/year, and go up to $340/year if making over $45,000/year in writing income.

Through Mark Fowler’s website Rights of Writers, I found out about the media insurance policy benefit for members of the Independent Book Publisher’s Association:
Yearly membership dues start at about $129/year to join the IBPA.   A writer who is self-publishing through his/her own tiny press can join the IBPA.

There is an online insurance broker that will work with individuals to get a policy from AXIS PRO.   I don’t know what the pricing difference is (i.e. if money is saved by going through IBPA instead), and I don’t know the broker and have not done a policy with them.

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