EAT THIS, NOT THAT for preventing travel weight gain

I’ve discovered that a 5-10 lb. weight gain doesn’t have to be a fact of life when doing long business or vacation travel.   I went to Disneyland over this past winter break, and managed to come back without gaining any weight despite eating out every day for almost a week.  I attribute the lack of weight gain to reading EAT THIS, NOT THAT! by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding before going.

Writing is a very sedentary lifestyle and even daily exercise doesn’t change that much (unless one sets up a treadmill desk system).   So part of preventing weight gain is managing the calories being eaten.  Zinczenko’s book turned out to be a terrific resource for getting a handle on the calories of various grocery store  items and food chain meals.

I had a misconception that salads were always healthier than anything else on the menu.  Boy, was I wrong!  It all depends on how the restaurant makes the salad–sometimes it can be a lot healthier to just get some chicken tacos or a lean strip steak with a potato instead of a specialty salad.   The “Worst Salad” winner in the book has 1,800 calories.

While in California, I went to a restaurant which actually had calorie data for all of the dishes, and I found it a great help in figuring out what to eat.  Sometimes I found that what I wanted to eat (two fried eggs for breakfast) had a lot fewer calories than what I thought would be “good” for me.  I was able to choose dishes that would be enjoyable to eat, but wouldn’t give me a killer 1,500 to 2,500 calorie hit for just one meal.

Now I find myself thinking about how weight gain can happen inadvertently when one has misconceptions about the actual calorie count of a meal item at a restaurant.   I’ve got a week of business travel coming up in April, and it’s a relief to have a better handle on what to eat and what to avoid.  EAT THIS, NOT THAT is definitely worth checking out if one has to travel a lot.

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