Feeding the Muse by Doing Something Different

On the spur of the moment, I got involved with putting together for a relative a slide show of old 1940s photos that could be played on a DVD.   Had to do the project in a week’s time.

So I spent quite a few evenings scanning in photos, then editing them, then putting them together in a sequence that made sense, and then adding music that seemed fitting.   It was artistic work, playing around with visuals and music.

What I didn’t expect was getting flooded with story ideas to write.   Felt like I had “mindcramp.”

Also, I found that I came back to my writing with heightened sight and sound–i.e. able to visualize settings with vividness and new perspectives.   Somehow the work on the DVD had stimulated those parts of my brain.

So I now understand what Julia Cameron was talking about in her creativity books (like THE ARTIST’S WAY) about allowing yourself to do side projects in artistic fields that aren’t your “chosen” field.   For example, a painter doing acting and poetry to relax.   I’ll continue goofing around with iPhoto and iDVD to make stuff since I enjoyed them so much.


After I post this, things will be quiet here for a bit.  I’m headed off on travel and will be checking in sporadically.  Next post Wed. Jun 16.

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