How to get back into writing after a long hiatus

Sometimes illness or tragedy or severe writer’s block can result in a work-in-progress grinding to a halt.  It’s happened to me, it’s happened to other writers I know.  The best piece of advice I ever got for coming back after a long hiatus was:

Set the daily word count goal absurdly low.  25 to 50 words/day max if the situation is particularly severe.  Do that writing goal for 5 days the first week.  Slowly ramp up the word count each week (unless you’re chomping at the bit to do more).  If you grind to a halt, cut the goal for the number of words per day in half and start over from there.

I’ve tried out this advice in the past, and found it did the trick to get me back into the swing of things.   So I wanted to share it in case someone else out there is dealing with this writing issue.

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