Shirley Raye Redmond on Productivity and Marketing

I’ve known Shirley Raye Redmond for about six years, and most of the 21 book contracts she’s signed have been during this time period.  Two of those books, TENTACLES! TALES OF THE GIANT SQUID and LEWIS AND CLARK: A PRAIRIE DOG FOR THE PRESIDENT, have each sold over a 100,000 copies.  She writes fiction and nonfiction for children, as well as romance novels for adults.   This June she’s in the envious position of dealing with three books coming out around the same time–ROSEMARY’S GLOVE (romance novel), THE JERSEY DEVIL : MONSTERS (nonfiction for kids), and BLIND TOM: THE HORSE WHO HELPED BUILD THE GREAT RAILROAD (nonfiction for kids).

She’s taught her techniques on productivity and marketing through workshops with SouthWest Writers and Wordharvest, but nothing is scheduled in the near future.  So I’ve compiled links to articles she’s written that you can find online.  She also is a teacher at the Institute of Children’s Literature (though there she teaches their curriculum, not her own).

Here’s an excerpt from “Putting More I Will Into Will Power”:

Setting monthly and weekly goals and determining to meet those goals are good ways to strengthen your writing will power. Put those goals down on paper and use a calendar, notebook or journal to chart your progress. Invest in an appointment book and schedule regular appointments for researching, writing, and revising—just as you would schedule a doctor or dentist appointment. Your great expectations will be easier to achieve when you can see in writing exactly what they are.

There’s also “Pulling Weeds From Your Field Of Dreams” and a few articles on her website.  She also has an article, “Six Weeks to Write A Children’s Book” in THE WRITER’S HANDBOOK 2003 on page 131–the article is also in The Writer online database under a slightly different title.

But most of what she knows is not written down, for it’s through lectures and workshops that she passes her knowledge on.  So keep an eye out for a chance to sit in on one.

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