Agent Joe Regal has fascinating post at Kristin Nelson’s Pub Rants

Literary agent Joe Regal has posted on agent Kristin Nelson’s blog Pub Rants about the $4.8 million sale of the second completed novel of Audrey Niffenegger’s (author of the THE TIME TRAVELER’S WIFE).  I encourage you to go over there and read both of his posts when you get the chance.  Here’s a short excerpt:

The key takeaway here is simple: write the best book you can and then sell it. Arguments that “she could take her time to write her second book because the mortgage was covered” are way off the mark….In Audrey’s case, she kept her day job for years after publication of TTW; she was careful to live in a way that put the ability to do her work her way, on her schedule, before any other material needs. She protected her priorities.

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