Lisa Gardner’s Lectures on the Synopsis

So, it’s time to write a query letter and a synopsis for your novel.  Bestselling suspense writer Lisa Gardner has an excellent lecture series on writing a query letter, short synopsis, and long synopsis, and she has been kind enough to put the lectures  on her web site,, for writers to read.

I didn’t directly link to the relevant page since she might reorganize her web site in the future.   You can find the synopsis lecture series under the “Tricks of the Trade” subheading.  She also has a lecture series on writing romantic suspense, as well as articles on doing research, creating a memorable villain, and plotting.

I’ve found that her synopsis lecture series gets straight to the point with no wasted words.  There are ten lectures, and by the time you work your way through them you’ll be well on your way to having a query letter and a synopsis to send out.

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